Every one has the power to become a flower of love, we are just seeds and we have to help the seed to become a flower. Very few succeed actually as most are not committed and alert. The future is an illusion and the past a history. To be alive and grateful to the present is wise contentment. There can be either a negative or a positive contentment. The real is present.

When you look at someone dear to you, just look at the present in total with no comparison and you will see divine energy dancing ‘here and now’. Happiness is within us, declares the Gita. In the state of deep sleep, all of us are happy. Where does it come from? It comes from within. Look within and discover the joy of happiness—meditation makes you come in touch with happiness.

Growth oriented thinking allows us to grow. Thinking in a new way will open life in a new perspective. The sensual mind, which solely depends on the senses, perceives life in a limited way. One cannot receive the spirit of truth that is beyond the senses if one’s life is only based on the sensual mind. All the enlightened masters teach us to think in a new way so as to discover who we are and our relationship with the world outside.

The “I” in us is based on a sensuous mind filled with unnecessary thoughts, emotions, disappointments and expectations. In this noisy state, we hardly hear the real call of the soul inviting us to experience the world beyond. The sensuous mind transcends in deep meditation. Thus the sacred soul in us surfaces. It reflects who we are. We are the music of silence. In such a silence we can celebrate life and death, success and failure. The ego in us wants only success and life. Death is also a part of life.

Life is like a university. Those who love to learn to help one another graduate with distinction. To learn involves openness. Openness is an enlightened framework. One has to reframe all experiences with a quality of openness. Almighty can do anything for you, if you can give Him a chance, if you can give him openness. Being closed is like a cage where you are locked up. Openness is the key to enlightenment. Openness gives you serenity, as you are not hijacked by worry. Serenity opens the door for infinite possibility.

Tradition is like the footprints of truth. It is just wrapping. It is an outer layer. It is just only an indicator and not the indicated. But every tradition claims it has truth; it is like the shadow claiming the very object reflected as real.. One has to look into it to find out the truth of life. In order to discover the truth one should be open. Only in the space of openness one discovers truth. Truth is beyond likes and dislikes beyond tradition, beyond dogmas and beliefs. Such a truth blesses a person beyond concepts. One should be like a traveler open to see and explore into “what is” and not “what should be”. Also one should be like a tourist, who, while in Toronto, is thinking of Vancouver. There is no end to foolishness if one does not realize the truth.

If today’s humanity is going to survive the many threats against it, we need authentic preceptors and free thought Gurus exposing light and love into this dimension by uncovering the light and love inherent in all of us. Humanity is not a sinful species, but a community poised to be liberated through genuine compassion. Humanity is a community whose heart can stand in the brilliance of integrity.

People are able to let go of the beliefs that stand between them and their direct experience. Humanity is not its beliefs. We don’t need faith based moderates and appeasers arguing for the continuance of dimming our light and love, pretending that their avoidance and form-based conceptions, including morality, belief and moderation, are compassion.

The motivation of comparison to liberate sentient beings proceeds from an uncovered heart-mind. Until the heart is open, that is, free from beliefs, there can be no true compassion. Only through emptiness can compassion be understood. Transcending the effects of duality, all struggle ceases. The still nowness of life reveals the light within heart-mind. Embracing the reality beyond duality, the origin of ecstasy, where fear –filled pasts and hope-laden futures never existed, is the supreme goal. Transcending attachment of the objective world liberates us from the illusion of polarized choice. Without fear, there can be no hope. Without hope, there can be no fear.

Awakening spiritual understanding cannot occur in the past or in anticipation of the future. Enlightenment is a clear realization beyond the conceptual construct of any oneness. The oneness of duality is an electro-dynamic reality of compression and expression, expression and compression.

By secular enlightenment, I mean a fearless compassion for the liberation of all, so that all can rise to higher levels of bliss than is currently possible in the repressive, disempowering, disconnected society of today.

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