How to remedy seemingly impossible unbalance that currently exists in our world? The continuous chatter of discontent has risen to a level that threatens to undermine the very foundation of spiritual awareness. Most choose to battle the unseen forces with bouts of their own negativity. This leaves those who seek peace feeling defenceless in the tidal wave of harsh cruelty.

The first internal question asked is “What am I doing here?” This is often followed by “I am never reincarnating here again.” Of course the choice will be made while in-between life times. However, exactly where does that leave you while completing this one?

We say that instead of allowing yourself to be a victim to a difficult reality, become a catalyst for a change of energy. Instead of feeling defeated, become a powerhouse of positive energy.

Making positive choices in the face of adversity will enable you to participate in the clearing of negativity. Start by assessing the energy around you. Feel the vibration and decide to do one thing differently. This will cause a ripple through the negative flow. It may take a bit of time, but a continuous exchange will make a difference in the timeline. Will your one attempt change the world? Most likely not, however, if all participate, there will be a feeling of difference, that if supported, will ultimately move all of you into a better place.

We agree there is a lot of movement required to alleviate the wrong in this place. Stand strong for a wave of united energy that can indeed make a difference. Start with yourself and your own personal interactions. At first, you may feel awkward because you are the only one. We state that eventually there will be others who join you simply because the energy feels good. Feeling good is contagious. So start an epidemic of warmth, forgiveness, and positive action and thought. Leave a trail love. There are others eager to follow. Let them without expectation. The destination is not out of reach.