Step 15

Self Discovery

Spirituality is the final destination of human beings. This truth has been understood by many amidst of their day to day life problems. Despite of various distractions; in the name of religion, youngsters are keen on self-search. Modern education of probing everything in life made them to go introspectively and started searching the guidance-anchor-of science of life with cultural background. Canada Yoga-Vedanta Organization and its activities-taking them to self-discovery attracted more such sincere seekers with science-educated professionals every month is a promising reality amidst of degenerating-fully commercialized media and institutions in this blessed land!

There is nothing more important than self-discovery. If we do not even know who we are, how can we make a meaningful utilization of our existence? It will not be possible. Because the modern day civilization is based on mere guesswork regarding the nature of the self, therefore we see that everywhere throughout the world there is chaos and uncertainty. Even though we hanker for eternity, in a state of ignorance we base our sense of identity on a temporary bag of material elements. Therefore in spite of so much technological advancement in regards to the manipulation of material elements, we are still very much dissatisfied.

The solution for this quagmire is that we must now focus our energies on the ultimate science, the science of self-discovery. So how do we begin? We begin from the simple point of our own awareness of our existence.

You know that you exist because you are aware of your existence. The next step is to analyze what is the nature of your existence. We see that in spite of so many transformations of the material elements which constitute the material body, there is a constancy of consciousness. In other words you can remember experiences you had when you were a small child even though the cells which constitute your present body are different from the cells which constituted your small child’s body. The body is a constantly changing factor while simultaneously the consciousness is a constant factor. This simple observation immediately indicates to the thoughtful observer that he and his body are different. He is not the body.

Understanding that you are not your body is a negation of the false conception of the self, but it still does not tell you who you are. Try to understand yourself as consciousness, or more precisely as a consciousness possessing being. The science of self-discovery is a process of fully awakening the dormant enlightened consciousness. In other words, at the present moment in this human form of life we are only approximately 10% awakened. The science of self-discovery teaches us how to awaken the other 90%.

So how do we do that? This is accomplished through a process of dovetailing the individual consciousness with the super consciousness or God. By connecting our individual consciousness with the super consciousness we gain our own empirical verification of the existence of the super consciousness. The techniques of how to do that have been carefully handed to us through the ages by saintly enlightened teachers who have perfectly dovetailed their individual consciousness with God, the super consciousness. This process is known as yoga, the science of linking or yoking with the super consciousness. Of all the various yoga systems described by great realized souls of the past the most highly recommended yoga system for this age is bhakti yoga, the yoga of divine love consciousness.

Why is that?

When you fall in love with someone, you can do nothing but think of them 24 hours day. So if we can develop a loving relationship with God, the super consciousness, this will be quickest and easiest way to always remain in an enlightened stay fully connected with the Supreme 24 hours a day.

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