Step 18

Who you are meditating technique can lead to happiness

“The Saraswathy poojah explanations had taken us into new heights of our intellect and erased the misconceptions about Nawaratri festival” said few participants. We are living in an era of finding the real truth from pseudo one!
In teaching yourself the art of making sound decisions in life, first read the words that good people before you have left as guidelines for right living. Watch, if you can, living people in action who exemplify the values you admire. Then, following their example, start practicing in your own life. In time, you’ll develop a feel for what is the right thing to do, the right decision to follow.

A mind that has been taught to appreciate the value of espousing good values will slowly grow into spontaneous ethical activity. Instead of being honest because you remember Mother telling you not to lie or because you fear society’s retribution, you are honest simply and naturally. You exude good works, without any premeditative thought. And your mind is tranquil, poised for diving deep into the mysteries of your own being.

While working in this world we perform so many actions on a daily basis. All of these actions produce karma. Because of the pious and impious actions we have performed in the past, we are impelled by nature’s laws to suffer and enjoy their resultant reactions. While the enjoyable reactions may seem really nice, they are unavoidably bundled with the miserable reactions for our past misdeeds. Would we purchase an automobile that was 50% good and 50% bad? No. Of course not! We want to a purchase an automobile that is 100% good. So why should we settle for an existence that is 50% good and 50% bad? We should not.

Someone may argue that they will enjoy pure happiness by only doing good works. But even by their breathing they are killing so many microbial germs, and they must suffer a sinful reaction for doing that. So there is no way to become 100% good as long as we remain in material consciousness. If we want out of the karmic quagmire, we must elevate our consciousness into an entirely different plane of existence, the transcendental plane.

This is the liberating message of the Bhagavad-gita. It is enabling us to become delivered from the actions and actions of pious and impious activities. It frees us from karma chakra, the wheel of action and reaction. It gives us the full knowledge of how to become devotees of God and live an ecstatic existence constantly experiencing the higher taste of Divine bhakti and thus automatically becoming completely free from the lower taste of material sense gratification. This knowledge of bhakti, when properly applied under the capable guidance of the expert spiritual master, is like a blazing fire which burns up all the reactions of our previous karma.

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