Step 19

Who you are?

Before your mother knew you were in her womb, before any doctor, politician, family member, religious leader, or anyone else on earth even knew you existed, the Highest Power so loved you that he gave you life and protected and nourished you. Before you had drawn your first breath, the Highest Power had already demonstrated love and concern for you and provided all you needed for your wellbeing, and this continues to this very moment.

Your inner Witness, your Real Self, has gone from the womb of flesh to the womb of the Cosmos. The Highest has made every atom that makes up every molecule that makes up every cell that makes up every organ in your body, perfectly compatible with everything the Universe provides. The air, earth, fire, and water have been created in the precise proportions necessary to provide the environment needed for you to survive and thrive. The odds against this happening by chance are trillions to one and can be appreciated as absolute proof of the Highest’s loving intervention and intention.

Mother Earth is in an exquisite rhythm with its sister planets as gravity and motion balance their dance around Father Sun, as it travels in concert with the billions of other stars and heavenly bodies that make up our galaxy. Ultimately, the hundreds of billions of galaxies, in harmony, provide the exact perfect conditions that allow consciousness to exist and evolve. You are, always were, and will always be, the love child of the Highest Power. Every atom in the universe is presenting itself to enlighten you. The celestial stage has been set. It is for you to decide to be conscious of the cosmos and embrace your infinite, eternal identity. Royal Divine Child of the Universe, awaken and live happily ever after.

Who You Are Meditation Technique
Position yourself in the posture you have found to be the one that affords the greatest comfort to you, while letting you maintain an alert awareness without falling asleep. Direct your inner chatterer to be still and your emotions to remain in a serene state. With eyes open, let your gaze fall to any given spot on the surface of the floor or ground. If you are sitting on sand, pick out one grain to focus on. If you are on a carpet, lock your attention on one fiber. And so on. Witness your mind making comments, comparisons, and judgments, but remain unreactive. Simply let the gazing continue no matter how strongly your chatterer tries to discourage you. It will eventually cease and desist. As your concentration becomes more intense, with less and less effort, you will start to see movement. For instance, the grains of sand may start to appear to be giving off light that is flowing in a paisley pattern motion. This is the atomic and pre-atomic nature of reality presenting itself to you. Soon thereafter the air, earth, water, and fire within and without you will reveal their atomic unification and join in this dance of light.

This will continue until your mind chatter stops it. By stilling the mind, the intensity will grow until the point is reached where it is not unusual for the experience to be so astonishing and overwhelming that inner comments like “Oh my God!” and “Thank you God” occur. Simultaneously, language becomes insufficient and only feelings of love and adoration suffice. Keep at one with the eternal silence of the inner Witness and you will know your limitless and total connection with the universe and its creator. The misidentification of yourself as apart from the rest of the universe as a body, mind, or feeling will evaporate like a fog lifting, and there revealed in all glory will be the divine Garden of Eden that has always been present. And you will live happily ever after.

As a matter of fact, adjectives like frustrating, annoying, ego deflating, and so on, are often much more accurate descriptions of how you feel. The Who You Are Meditation Technique has the potential to be in this category. It is easy to tell someone “Sit comfortably, concentrate, and let the Highest Power fill you with all the wonders and wisdom of the universe”. But can you actually sit comfortably enough, for long enough for your attention to remain focused enough? If so, this and every other technique will “work”. If not, like most things, the more you practice, the better you will get. Persevere, because unlike most things, the end result of this and every meditative effort has the potential to lead to the end of all effort. And effortlessly, you will live happily ever after.

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