Step 21

Science and spirituality together will lead to absolute truth

Nowadays there is a great divide between what is called science and what is called religion. For some this divide means that religion is in error. And for others this means that science is in error. So what is the reality? If both of them cannot be right, then either of them or both of them must be wrong. The split between science and religion has led to endless debates, philosophical struggles, and even legal battles in court.

The actual relationship between science and religion is quite different from what most people think. This is so because truth is one; it cannot be two. If it is two, it cannot be truth. To understand this properly we must understand the real meaning of the terms “science” and “religion”, not the distorted understandings that are being propagated by the so-called modern thinkers.

The word science comes from the Latin world “scientia” which means “knowledge”. And the word “religion” comes from the Latin “religare” which means “reconnect”. Just as the honey in a jar is only fully realized when it is tasted, knowledge of the Absolute Truth is only fully realized when we reconnect with it. The more we connect with it, the more we understand and the more we understand it, the more we will want to connect with it. So science is theoretical understanding of the Absolute Truth and religion is practical realization of the Absolute Truth. Just like in a chemistry course we learn that H20 = water in the lecture and then practically apply it in the laboratory, science is theoretical and religion is practical. Both are necessary aspects of fully experiencing and comprehending the Absolute Truth. Real science encourages religion, and real religion deepens our scientific understanding.

So there is no question of which religion somebody belongs to. A person is either connected to the Absolute Truth or not connected to the Absolute Truth. They are either religious or irreligious. And there is no question of religion and science having two different explanations of reality. They are both necessary aspects of realizing the one truth. Let us ponder from different cultural platforms. At last we have to come to the Advaita—monism-!

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