Step 22

Freeing ourselves from the material energy bound world

There is a class of transcendentalists know as the impersonalists. Their solution for becoming free from all misery is to deny the existence of the self. If you don’t exist, how can you be miserable? When there is nobody there to suffer, there is no suffering. Such a philosophy is an easy mental adjustment. But it’s too easy. It is simply an imaginary mental adjustment and nothing more. It does not tally with reality. If I don’t really exist, who then is under the illusion that he exists? This does not make sense.

If you really want to conquer over misery, you need to actually under-stand who you are, why are you suffering, and what is the means of per-manently freeing yourself from all forms of suffering. In the final analysis, this material world is a miserable situation. Even though we may buttress ourselves with so many facilities such as family, friends, in-come, house, car, insurance, etc, the bottom line is that we can be ripped out of our so-called shelter at any minute without having even the fog-giest idea of where we are heading according to the stringent laws of nature.

So if you want actual relief from the miseries of material existence, simply understand the clear truth that you are part of the expanded energy of the Supreme Person and that you exist unmistakably for the purpose of having a loving relationship with Him. If you will make this the central theme of your existence, that Supreme Person Who has unlimited names, Who is addressed by His most intimate devotees as “LORD” will bless you with the supreme mercy of allowing you to become reinstated in your original relationship you had with Him before you fell into material existence. In this state of pure love you will experience that all of your heart’s desires have become completely satisfied far, far beyond anything you could have hankered for in your wildest dreams.

People are wasting their time looking after body-related activities to the whole life. It is a pity that they even refuse to understand spirituality and they do not want to think about it. Fearing that spirituality means, giving up life’s security and the family. These types of superstiousness in plenty of making their minds mockery!

Ponder it, Think of it.

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