Step 5

Change your instrument to change your perception

Our main objective is to lead people on the path of Self-Realization and make them to re-look at various facets of Indian philosophy and culture for effective transformation of individuals in particular and society in general.Take a few moments to indulge in some fantasies.

IMAGINE THIS: Imagine that science has figured out a way to place implants in your eyes so that your usual vision is transformed into x-ray vision. You look at another person and instead of the usually solid flesh you’re used to seeing; you see a ribcage, gangly bones hanging from it, and some strange shadows in the background. The person is still the same, yet you see her/him as totally different.

What is “reality” now? Is the fleshy person the real one, or the bony person?

Now, imagine that you have just received implants in your eyes that grant you the vision of a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) device. Are the blobs of contrasting color you see the “reality” of the person in front of you?

Next, imagine yourself with the echolocation of a bat, which uses sonar to locate its prey and to avoid mid-air collisions. You are now equipped with a device to project high-pitched sounds that echo back to you from any object in your path and provide you with information about its location and size. What does the world “look” like to you under these conditions?

Now, imagine that you have microscope implants in your eyes. You are looking at a yellow pencil cut in half. Instead of seeing the smooth surface of the wood that was your picture of reality before you got your microscope implants, you now see coarse shreds with sharp protuberances sticking out. Increase the strength of your lens. Your pencil has now become a lot of empty space dotted with small bits of matter floating about here and there. Where did your solid world go?

The world appears to us as it does because of the particular instruments we use in seeing it. Change the instrument- and you change your reality! Once, while laying dishes down for dinner, I had the uncanny experience of suddenly seeing that my whole organism was an intricate combination of countless activities involving blood, hormones, cells, movements of infinitely small size. It was as though for a split second I had taken a peek into the way all mechanism of the body, big and small, worked together. I was stunned by this split-second at the miracle of what it takes to keep this body going. For a short moment, I had had a different “look” at what we generally perceive as one, homogeneous organism.

We take the body for granted- especially if our health is sound. It moves, it speaks, it sleeps, it eats, it replenishes blood,and it mends wounds. This taking for granted happens with everything; the computer I’m typing on, the glasses on my nose, the telephone two feet away from my hand, the heater buzzing its warm song. What if we stopped a moment to take in fully what we have in front of us? What would we see?

Two revelations emerge:
1. Reality is not what it seems.
2. Every object we look at is the result of a confluence of countless forces.

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