Step 7

Consiousness is what truly defines who you are

Our purpose is to help everyone reawaken their original spiritual identity, which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Such a global reawakening will, in one stroke, solve all the problems of the world society!

The worsening situation in the world, compels for yearning arising more and more within the heart of the world population that the happy days of good government and peaceful society as was found in the Vedic Culture can be restored to planet earth.

This is our mission. We cannot stand to see mismanagement of world, being imposed on the poor citizens. Something must be done to restore sanity. Something must be done to relieve the burden of the earth. When people more and more spiritually inclined, there will be a great hope that something can be done to rectify the increasingly problematic situation.

People should not be puzzled with religions and spirituality. Spirituality is above religions. Religion came into being to safeguard the spirituality, but it emptied the spirituality and embraced the rituals, superstitions and exploitations as its core!

A large class of enlightened teachers, can easily revolutionize the entire world by teaching every one how to execute their social duties in such a way as to achieve spiritual perfection and at the same time make the world a peaceful and happy place for everyone’s living even the animals. Those who have faith and devotion to Divine Consciousness can understand that the things happen so wonderfully by the grace of Almighty.

Hope it will fulfill our desire to see the entire planet earth has become Divine Consciousness!

Try the following exercise:
1.Think: I am my body. That’s what everyone sees, recognizes, and knows as me.
a.Think again: If I were my body, I would not be able to see it, to objectify it. Since I am able to see my body, talk about it, and describe it, that “I” doing the seeing and describing must be separate from the body. So I cannot be the body.

2.Think I am my sense organs. They are my contact with the world, so they best define who I am.
a.Think again If I were my sense organs, I would not be able to be aware of my eyes and their function, but I am. I know when my vision is sharp or when I can’t see well I know when my hearing fails me. I know when my nose doesn’t do a good job of smelling because of a head cold. Therefore, I can’t be my sense organs.

3.Think: I am the intellect. The real me is what I think. My convictions, my beliefs define who I really am.
a.Think again If I were my intellect, I would not be able to recognize that I’ve come up with a new idea or that my mind was very dull yesterday. Since I am seeing my intellect at work, I must be other than the intellect.

4.Think: I am the emotional mind. After all, even though my intellectual ideas may be learned, what I feel and how I feel expresses the deeper, more essential part of me.
a.Think again If I were my emotions, I would not be able to say, “I’m very angry at Raj” or, “I am very sad today”. Since there is something in me that sees my emotions, something that can objectify them, my emotions are separate from me. I cannot be my emotions.

5.Think: I am that quiet nonthinking, nonemoting person in deep sleep. The real I remain in deep sleep even when the body, the intellect, and the emotional mind are in abeyance.
a.Think again: When I wake up from sound deep sleep, I know that I have slept well and I say,” My, I sure had a sound sleep last night”. Something in me knew that I slept soundly and well. So the real I cannot be that deep-sleeping person.

Having eliminated all the above layers only one thing remains: “Consciousness”. No matter what layer you may be identifying with at the moment—your body, your emotions, your intellect—your awareness of those layers always remains. It is always present. It is never-changing. Only the layers and their myriad permutations change. Your awareness of them is ever the same. That primordial ground upon which all of life plays out, in all its varieties of physical and psychic manifestation, is Consciousness.

That Consciousness is the real you! And that Consciousness is the same for all of us. Strip away name, form, emotions, intellect, Social security number, relationships, pedigree, and position—and each one of us is essentially the same you and I, as well as everyone else on this planet, are ONE!

That pure, undifferentiated Consciousness caught in a web of thoughts is the individual human being—YOU!

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