Step 9

A Spiritual master can help to guide your consiousness

In today’s ever-increasingly troubled world more and more people are interested to discover how can they become spiritually enlightened, how they can transcend the traumas and stresses of everyday existence and attain Samadhi, ecstatic complete absorption in transcendental consciousness. Unfortunately they are all too often taken advantage of by unscrupulous persons who, although not spiritually enlightened, dishonestly and foolishly pose themselves as being so for the sake of name, fame, and profit.

In order to provide sincere seekers of spiritual perfection with the necessary information and techniques for reaching their goal there is a now great need for an authoritative presentation of the self-Realization system. Fortunately, even though the genuine self-realization science has been very difficult to find due to such a profusion of pseudo-gurus, it has not become lost. It still exists because it has been carefully preserved throughout the ages by a disciplic succession of spiritual masters, an unbroken tradition of gurus dating back into previous ages many thousands of years ago. Some seekers of spiritual enlightenment think that they can invent their own process from their own fertile imaginations. But this is something that we cannot do. Because our consciousness is presently conditioned we need the help of a person who is liberated to free us from our conditioned consciousness. This is why it is absolutely essential to take shelter of a bona fide spiritual master.

The seed of spiritual enlightenment is already there in the heart. Just as a match already contains fire within it, we already possess spiritual enlightenment. The complete Whole Supreme person is the very foundation of our existence. To resonate perfectly with HIM is our original pure state of enlightened consciousness. In Sanskrit language this is called “dharma”, our intrinsic inseparable nature. Our dharma is to be in state of perfect harmony with that Original Person, the ultimate source of all energies. All we have to do to experience eternal full bliss and full knowledge is be who we really are. We simply have to come out of our dysfunctional misaligned, misadjusted unnatural state of consciousness and be normal again. The bona fide spiritual master is that person who can impart knowledge unto perfect peace and happiness.

The difficulty is that we have been so conditioned by a deeply illusioned society that we consider light to be darkness and darkness to be light. This makes us to difficult for us to become spiritually enlightened. Therefore a systematic training program is required to gradually re-orient our consciousness to perceive reality once again in its true non-distorted perspective.

The topmost educational system is given by Lord Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita. It is known as the bhakti-yoga system. Knock the door of Canada Yoga-Vedanta Organization at any time to learn and transform Yourself!.

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