If you are profoundly satisfied with every aspect of your life—every moment, everyday—-and wish for no deeper peace, understanding, or fulfillment, don’t read this book. If not, read on..!

This books is for those of us caught in the pace of life and work what we have come to known as “ the way of the Western World”. No matter whether we live in the west or in the east if we fit this type, we tend to be highly productive, goal-oriented, and responsible citizens of this great multi-cultural country, dedicated to the supremacy of the logical mind and to progress at all costs.

Many of us, however, have now and then taken a pause in the midst of our purposeful striving to ask: 1. Is all this effort worth it? 2. What’s the meaning of it all? 3. Why don’t I feel truly happy and fulfilled?

This book addresses many such questions. Although the ideas are thousands of years old, its application to today’s world is new. It’s also an introduction on shifting perspectives. By the time you have finished it, you’ll see what I mean. But for now, try a simple exercise…

Imagine This:
You are sitting in a chair. The chair is in your living room. The living room is in your house. The house is on the 140th block of Eglinton avenue East which is in the south eastern section of the grand junction. It is situated in the Scarborough suburb of the city Toronto. Toronto is in the province of Ontario. Ontario spans the southern region of Canada. Canada is part of the North American continent which is located on the planet called Earth. The Earth is the part of the solar system, which is the part of …

Has your perspective shifted from that of simply sitting in the chair?

This whole book is about shifting your perspective—by shifting the way you think about yourself and the world. You’ll find that the thoughts you think can literally make or break your life.

You’ll be looking at a way to accomplish the undoing of the you that gets in the way of your own happiness and fulfillment. By getting the current doer out of the way, you will unfold a new and powerful entity from within you, who will transform your life—at work, at school, at home, and at play!

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