Activities of Yoga Vedanta Organization of Canada

Conduct Vedas, Upanishads and Gita Classes:

We educate the people who are interested in spiritualism about the knowledge on Vedas, Upanishads and the scientific concepts of Vedas. We conduct weekly classes on Bhagavad-Gita and also on various Upanishads.

The path of spiritual discipline which is most beneficial to man is laid down in a simple and sweet manner in the Great Scriptures of Ancient India. They explain through example and precept, the Divine Principle inherent in the Universe and inspire mankind to gaze with awe and reverence at the handiwork of God. They prompt man to march along the pilgrim road of sacrifice in the happy company of sages, so that the body feels the vision of the Eternal can be gained and enshrined in the heart forever.

Educate Canadian youths of our traditions, cultures and values of life:

We also focus on educating youths of our traditions, cultures and values of life. Today, our wonderful traditions, cultures and life styles are buried under the fashion and money. We need to re-discover and emphasis the importance of them to our younger generation. In order to expand the knowledge and understanding of our culture and traditions, we meet once a week to share the knowledge of different concepts of Hindu philosophies and Hindu culture.

Facilitate the learning and experiencing of self realization:

We facilitate the learning and experiencing of self-realization by enhancing one’s knowledge through Vedanta philosophy and by practicing thought free mind. We should realize that we are not granted this human birth for mere eating, mating and dying. Also, we should be aware that we are not just made out of a bundle of flesh, bundle of emotions, and a bundle of likes and dislikes – something else we all have beyond these. Realize it. We should be very grateful to the lord to give us this rare opportunity. Nowadays, we all carry out extensive researches, one way or another, on outer things. It could be either a simple thing or a complex thing or a microcosm or a macrocosm depending on an individual interest and their capacity. But, so far how many of us think about the inner thing – the Self which resides within us.

You may be wondering how these discourses help us to have a happy and peaceful environment in our day to day life. One of the first steps in climbing up the ladder of spiritual practice is to cleanse our minds of impure and unholy tendencies imprinted in the memory of the mind due to past conditioning (karmas). These thoughts are wandering in our minds every second and propel us to act in their own way. Such actions involve us in bondage and cause a chain of rebirths and sufferings. Spiritual discourses are essential to enable us to overcome the evil effect of the wrong conditioning of the mind.

Also, when we are in the company of noble souls who are pure and currently immersed in thoughts of God, the divine vibrations emanating from them seep through the pores of our body, remove our bad conditionings of the past karmas, purify our mind and at the same time increase our satwic guna.

Provide counseling services:

We also provide counseling to those who are in need to overcome their mental struggles and help them to apply the virtues and values learned through the discourses on their day to day life.


The Canada Yoga Vedanta Organization would love to answer any questions you many have on Vedanta philosophy and yoga. We would appreciate any comments and suggestions as well. Please leave comments for moderation. Thanks