Swamy Paramatmanda Saraswathy, founder and President of Canada Yoga Vedanta Organisation was a disciple of Swami Chinmayananda.He was ordained by Swamy Chandrasekarananda Saraswathy of Pathanchali Ashram, Rishikesh. Under the direction of his Guru, he moved to Toronto and served Indo-Srilankan-Canadian people for the past 19 years. He has transformed the way of life via his discourses, media releases, publications and workshops. Swami Paramatmananda is known for teaching Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and other ancient Hindu scriptures with providing deep scientific explanations which attracted and won the heart of many young generations globally. He authored 26 publications, including commentaries and weekly magazines for more than 15 years on the major Upanishads and Bhagavad Gita. Swamy Paramatmanada Saraswathy has established a meditation hall in Srilanka and constructed a temple in Rishikesh. Like his Guru, Swamy has taken the vedha, upanishads, geetha, brahma sutra to the masses. His contemporary and unique non-ritual method of teaching spirituality is very well known. He has conducted workshops on Self Realisation and was  involved in Spiritual Transformation of his students via his School of Integral Enlightenment.

Guruji’s Work:

Books Published by Swamy Paramatmananda 1. Life Enhancing Thoughts (2000) 2. Brilliance – Bhagavath Geeta (2003) 3. Illumine Truths – Part I – Ishavashya Upanishad (2006) (Tamil) 4. Illumine Truths – Part II – A Dialogue with Death (2007) (Tamil) 5. Illumine Truths – Part III – Tatvabodham (2007) (Tamil) 6. Illumine Truths – Part IV – Agavalvin Uyar Nilai (2008) (Tamil) 7. The Way of life (2008) (English) 8. Illumine Truths – Part V – Uyerai Nokie (2008) (Tamil) 9. Steps to Change (2008) (English) 10. Illumine Truths – Part VI – Olimayam (2009)(Tamil) 11. Kailayam muthal Nagatheepam varai (2010) (Tamil) 12. Conscious of the Consciousness (2010) (English) 13. Puthiyathoru Nilayai Nokie (2010) (Tamil) 14. Uyar Samanilai (2011) (Tamil) 15. 1000 Quotes on Spiritual Transformation (2011) (English) 16. New Awakening (2012) (English) 17. Anbu Oli Anantham (2012) 18. Vinnil Virium Oli (2013) (Tamil) 19. Evolutionary Spirituality (2013) (English) 20. Uloli payanam (2014) (Tamil) 21. Inner Being (2014) (English) 22. Dynamic Awareness 23. Oliyil Ontriya Ullam 24.Journey of Self-Development 25. Mukthi or Vazhvin Neraivu Brilliance – Monthly Magazine published by CYVO   Medias Published by Swamy Paramatmananda 1. Self Realization 2. Nee Magizchiyanavan (You the happiness) 3. Karunaiyinal (Compassion) 4. Unnai Arivai (Know yourself) 5. Magizchi enge? (Where is happiness) 6. Neegalum Anmigamum (Spirituality and you) 7. Puthitaga Malrungal (Allow blooming) 8. Uyar Parinama Nilayai nokie (Towards higher evolution) 9. Ul nokie paar (Look within) 10. Kailaya yatra (Kailasa Yatra) 11. Yeen Anbu? (Why love) 12. Karma – Oru Parvai (Karma – A profile)