Dear Readers!!

This is my 24th book of Canada Yoga-Vedanta Organization (CYVO) publication issuing in the Gurupoornima day in July 2016. People wanted to be happy in their life journey and engulfed in the material world forgetting the spiritual world within themselves. So called happiness is elusive to them without opening the spiritual realm. Is it possible in this digital world was the question in the minds of who lost themselves in their modernistic world. The articles in this book will make you all to ponder and put it into practice to develop yourselves in the path of your journey. Universal laws govern the conscious activity in the mind of a Sage as well as a Scientist. The free willed decay of an atom is not fundamentally different from free-willed dissolving of mind’s thoughts-emotions in a meditative mind. Einstein’s thought experiments have equivalence to meditative investigations of a Sage. They both have the ability to witness the Universal laws and reality. Applying this equivalence principle, one can scientifically explain the free-willed expansion of the Universe and its ultimate state of Zero-point existence of the Universal Consciousness. Such a complete wholesome science then opens doors to the science of meditation and purpose in revealing a Universe of an implicate order and permanence rather than a purposeless chaotic uncertainty evolving into a certain death. A genuine wholesome complete Science must converge to the same One Universal reality and purpose as the genuine spirituality. Any divergence between the two would merely be an artefact of their incompleteness or human ignorance. It is about time to develop and promote a wholesome Consciousness-Integrated Science to provide purpose and meaning to the Universe and life in it rather than limiting it merely to enhance the material-biological life. We must promote science to support human revival in addition to its struggle for evolutionary survival. Revival is an ultimate eternal survival. I thank to my disciples Vagees, Prasanna, Sasi & Hridaya for their dedication to bring this book in your hand.

With  Love & Blessings,

Swami Paramatmananda,


Toronto, July 2016.

  1. Feeling good is contagious
  2. Recognizing the true nature of thought
  3. Tasting the extraordinary freedom
  4. Returning to the feeling of the Eternal
  5. Staying within the clarity of your soul
  6. Staying connected to the sunshine of your soul
  7. Awareness that does not accept fear
  8. Beginning to forget who we thought we were
  9. Changing your imprint in your DNA
  10. Surrendering to the underlying unity of all Life
  11. Joy of exploring higher dimensions of Life
  12. Attaining freedom here and Now
  13. Rising up beyond the limited perspective
  14. Setting your own mind free again
  15. Dwelling into the deeper meaning of Life
  16. Consciousness beyond computational modeling
  17. Becoming the master of your own body and mind
  18. Modern Thinking