Self Discovery

Spirituality is the final destination of human beings. This truth has been understood by many amidst of their day to day life problems. Despite of various distractions; in the name of religion, youngsters are keen on self-search. Modern education of probing everything in life made them to go introspectively and started searching the guidance-anchor-of science of life with cultural background. Canada Yoga-Vedanta Organization and its activities-taking them to self-discovery attracted more such sincere seekers with science-educated professionals every month is a promising reality amidst of degenerating-fully commercialized media and institutions in this blessed land!

There is nothing more important than self-discovery. If we do not even know who we are, how can we make a meaningful utilization of our existence? It will not be possible. Because the modern day civilization is based on mere guesswork regarding the nature of the self, therefore we see that everywhere throughout the world there is chaos and uncertainty. Even though we hanker for eternity, in a state of ignorance we base our sense of identity on a temporary bag of material elements. Therefore in spite of so much technological advancement in regards to the manipulation of material elements, we are still very much dissatisfied.

The solution for this quagmire is that we must now focus our energies on the ultimate science, the science of self-discovery. So how do we begin? We begin from the simple point of our own awareness of our existence.

You know that you exist because you are aware of your existence. The next step is to analyze what is the nature of your existence. We see that in spite of so many transformations of the material elements which constitute the material body, there is a constancy of consciousness. In other words you can remember experiences you had when you were a small child even though the cells which constitute your present body are different from the cells which constituted your small child’s body. The body is a constantly changing factor while simultaneously the consciousness is a constant factor. This simple observation immediately indicates to the thoughtful observer that he and his body are different. He is not the body.

Understanding that you are not your body is a negation of the false conception of the self, but it still does not tell you who you are. Try to understand yourself as consciousness, or more precisely as a consciousness possessing being. The science of self-discovery is a process of fully awakening the dormant enlightened consciousness. In other words, at the present moment in this human form of life we are only approximately 10% awakened. The science of self-discovery teaches us how to awaken the other 90%.

So how do we do that? This is accomplished through a process of dovetailing the individual consciousness with the super consciousness or God. By connecting our individual consciousness with the super consciousness we gain our own empirical verification of the existence of the super consciousness. The techniques of how to do that have been carefully handed to us through the ages by saintly enlightened teachers who have perfectly dovetailed their individual consciousness with God, the super consciousness. This process is known as yoga, the science of linking or yoking with the super consciousness. Of all the various yoga systems described by great realized souls of the past the most highly recommended yoga system for this age is bhakti yoga, the yoga of divine love consciousness.

Why is that?

When you fall in love with someone, you can do nothing but think of them 24 hours day. So if we can develop a loving relationship with God, the super consciousness, this will be quickest and easiest way to always remain in an enlightened stay fully connected with the Supreme 24 hours a day.

Understand our tradition!

We are used to special days-mother’s day father’s day. Like that there is a special day for Gurus called Gurupurnima. Often I am asked by people who are not used to our tradition, “Are you a Guru?” The word guru is thus taken as a kind of generic term, even though it is purely personal. One is a guru to given person, like how one is a father or mother to another person. One is a Guru to a disciple; otherwise one is a pandita or sanniyasi. However, the word guru has a generic sense “One who teaches”. Therefore the word can be applied to anyone who teaches. So we have gurus for fine arts, performing arts and even martial arts. It is a term used by all and sundry to indicate someone who is an expert in a given discipline and teaches the discipline.

The word guru is made up of two syllables “gu” and “ru”. The syllable “gu” stands for darkness and the syllable ‘ru’ stands for one who dispels the darkness. One who dispels the darkness is guru. In our tradition darkness is always used as an example for ignorance. The darkness has a capacity to cover a thing that is existent. What is there does not come to light for want of light. Only when you bring the light in, you see the object that is there. This analogy of darkness and light is used to describe a teacher as one who brings to light ‘what is’. So the teacher’s job is to make the other person ‘see’. When I bring in the light, the light cannot produce a thing which is not existent in the room, but definitely it can bring to light what exists in the room. Similarly, a teacher cannot make someone else out of a person, but if the person does not know the fact about the world or about one’s body,mind or about oneself then the teacher can bring to light for this person ‘what is’- So the guru is one who dispels darkness and makes you recognize ‘what is’.

Veda-Vyasa and our spiritual culture:

On this day of the gurus we remember the sage Vyasa. In fact this day is called Vyasa-Poornima, the day of Vyasa, without whom there would have been no Vedic tradition of teaching. And without this Vedic-tradition, India would just be a population, nothing else. India is a great country. It has something very special to offer to the humanity because of Vyasa. He is considered our last link to the tradition for which we have no history. Vedas are looked upon as anadi, beginningless. So we do not know beginning of the Vedas but we know Veda-Vyasa. He collected all the hymns and presented them in the form of four Vedas and therby preserved this most ancient body of knowledge. Some people like Bala Gangadhara Tilak hold that Vedic culture was present even in the North Pole region (including Canada) when it was habitable long time ago. Even the western scholars, who generally insist that everything should be after Christ or just before him, accept this particular fact that the most ancient body of knowledge the humanity has is in the form of Vedas. And Vyasa is our last link to this knowledge. That is why he is always remembered with great reverence in our culture. Therefore Shankara in his commentaries uses the word Bhagawan as an adjective to him. Thanks to Vyasa we have in this culture I would call as “spiritual culture”

There is no spiritual pursuit in other cultures:
But one may say every culture is a spiritual culture and there are many numbers of persons given to ‘spiritual pursuit’ unfortunately this is not true. If you ask any person belonging to different cultures “do you have a well defined spiritual pursuit with a definite goal to be achieved in this life?” the answer will be “NO”. There are so many religious cultures in the world but they do not have a definite spiritual pursuit. Whether you are Christian, Muslim or a Parsi, you do not have a defined spiritual pursuit. It is amazing! The Buddhists do have some kind of pursuit because the religion originated from Hinduism. Outside this I do not see any where anybody saying “I want to achieve the spiritual goal in this life.”

The world Religions has only religious pursuit. They have a concept of what a human soul is and what it can accomplish. They have a set of beliefs and they go by these beliefs.

Overcoming problems

Sometimes we may dream that a tiger is chasing us and is about to kill us. No matter how hard we try, we can hardly move at all and the tiger keeps getting closer, closer, closer seconds away from devouring us. And then we wake up and breathe a sigh of relief that it was only a dream. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the problems that we are facing both individually and collectively as a global society could be so easily overcome? Well, the good news is that they can. Here’s how…

The first thing we have to understand is that each of us has an eternal spiritual identity that exists far, far beyond the constrictions of time and space. We originally lived in a blissful eternal existence with the Supreme Person in a wonderful, beautiful abode in which there is no birth, no death, no old age, and no disease. We existed there as eternal youths in pure loving relationships with that Supreme Person, the source of all existence, and His unlimited all-loving devotees. Practically no one ever leaves that all-blissful transcendental abode, but sometimes due to misuse of their minute independence some of those eternal living beings want to eat the forbidden apple of trying to imitate the Lord by being the center of all existence. Such a thing is not possible, but when the living being strongly desires to have the Lord’s position the Lord fulfills his desire by giving him the illusion that he is the center of existence. The Lord gives him a dimension, a world in which he considers himself to be the center.

That world, or dimension, is known as the material world. That’s where we are right now. This place is the hospital of God’s kingdom in which those persons who become infected with the disease of considering them to be God can be cured of this disease and return to their original healthy position in the kingdom of God. While in the material existence, the living being is given as many as ways to consider him the center of existence as he would like to explore. He can be a bird, a tree, an ant, a king, a heavenly demigod, a beggar, a philosopher, a musician, a wealthy businessman, etc. According to his acquired karma he acts out his foolish propensity to be the Supreme Enjoyer in many, many ways. He takes one body after another, lifetime after lifetime in his foolish pursuit of trying to be the Supreme Enjoyer. But he never achieves the happiness of supreme enjoyment that he so strongly desires because that is not his position. He is not the Supreme Enjoyer. He is instead constitutionally a servant of the Supreme Enjoyer. His foolishness is this. He does not realize that if he will agree to again serve the Supreme Enjoyer, he will experience a happiness equal to what is experienced by the Supreme Enjoyer.

If, when he is in the human body, he begins to seriously ponder his situation wondering why he is not able to enjoy here, the Lord will make a special arrangement for him to come into contact with a bona fide spiritual master, who will then carefully and compassionately guide him how to return to his original position of experiencing supreme enjoyment by rendering pure loving service to the Supreme Enjoyer. If he intelligently is able to put his faith and trust in the bona fide spiritual master to the extent of following his instructions, then by the combined mercy of guru and the Lord he will be gradually become a fully awakened spiritual being completely free from the nightmarish dream of material existence. He will become fully reinstated in his original eternity identity in the spiritual world and taste the highest happiness of supreme enjoyment at every minute.

So all we really have to do is wake up, come out of the dream and back into reality. This will perfectly solve all of our problems of existence.

Understand your existence

The entire world is worried about the natural calamities envisioned due to the warnings of the scientists of the deteriorating quickened change in the climate condition by the “green house gas”. This is the man made ‘dilemma’ causing even to the innocents will suffer!

Beyond the vast Existential Quagmire, the greatest tragedy of our modern day materialistic civilization is that in spite of tremendous strides forward in the field of material progress we, its members, are offered by our leaders nothing more than a bleak meaningless existence. The only carrots of meaning that we are thrown are various types of subtle and gross material sense pleasures. But sense pleasure is highly restricted and temporary. And it eventually fades away into oblivion at the time of death. It’s no small wonder then that everywhere throughout the world we find people who are bewildered and confused. There is a very high suicide rate among teenagers, and quite often people become so miserable that they go on shooting sprees to kill as many people as possible before taking their own life.

So how are we to find meaning? How are we to crawl out of this vast existential quagmire? My father taught me what for him for the purpose of existence. He said “Happiness is a job well done”. But my experience was that even after doing a job well I was still bereft of happiness. His answer did not work for me. Then hoping to encourage me, he told me that my college days would be the happiest days of my life. But when I began my college days as a freshman, I discovered much to my disappointment that I was indeed quite miserable. I could then only conclude, “If this is the happiest part of my life, what will the rest of my life be like?

My teachers wanted to know what I planned to major in. But how could I choose a major when I did not even know the purpose of my existence? From deep within my heart was crying, “You are supposed to be educating me. So just tell me the meaning of life. That’s all I really want to know.” But neither they nor my professors could give me this most essential information.

I just had to find out the real meaning of life. I was separate to know. I just knew there had to be some purpose deeper than working hard to make good grades, to get a good job, to work real hard, to maintain a good wife, kids and house, to get old and die, and to be cremated or buried six feet under with flowers on my grave every year until every one forgets about me. This could not be all there is to life. And indeed it is not.

As one songwriter aptly stated “I opened my heart to the whole universe, and I found it was loving”. There is an underlying beautifully wonderful meaning of existence. It’s there just below the surface, like a crystal clear aquifer just below the surface of the desert. So there is no reason to go thirsty. One simply must learn the art of how to tap into that reservoir of unlimitedly sweet nectarean water. That’s all. This is known as the science of self-realization. It has been practiced by great enlightened beings throughout the ages.

So how can we get in on this? How can we learn this self-realization science? This art is revealed in India’s ancient Vedic Wisdom, especially the Bhagawad-Gita and the Upanishads. And it is mastered under the guidance of that most expert person who is the living embodiment of the Vedic wisdom, the bona fide spiritual master.

I was indeed fortunate to come in contact with such a highly qualified and enlightened spiritual master, His Holiness Swamy Chinmayananda. I took full advantage under his expert guidance, I have spent the last 29 years of my life blissfully encaged in diving deeper and deeper into that sweet nectarean ocean in which one fully realizes and relishes the underlying meaning and purpose of existence.

Understanding spiritual energy

We have entered a phase of the “Shift” which is now bringing rapid transformation to our world. In physics, transformation emerges from within chaos. The existence of chaos is not an option it’s just the way the universe works. The global chaos that we are experiencing is, according to physics, normal. From mankind’s point of view, to put it in everyday parlance, this is not a good thing. The effects can range from mild discomfort to extreme trauma.

The good news is that the energy of transformation can express itself at many levels. The energy has to go somewhere, so if the energy of transformation fails to find expression at a higher frequency level, it will spiral downwards until it does find an outlet for its expression. But it can be absorbed and used at the spiritual level, diverting any need for physical upheaval. The energy of transformation can be channeled into a spiritual focus, into emotional release or it can be allowed to manifest in the only remaining field of popular action, the physical world. There it will erupt through emotion-driven, physical phenomena—volcanic eruption, earthquakes and violent storms, for example.

All of these “natural” disasters are driven by the chaotic emotional energy of mankind. All of them can be healed and prevented when people channel enough spiritual energy to soothe the chaos. Today, it is more important than ever to send healing energies into the world. IF ENOUGH PEOPLE ENTER THEIR INNER, SPIRITUAL SPACE REGULARLY, then the incoming energies of transformation can be expressed on a spiritual level. You can make all the difference in the world today when you help balance the incoming energies of transformation by using Meditative technique. Reconnect with your spiritual source daily. Use meditation as the first thing everyday. Make it a habit, a part of your morning routine. End your meditation session by spending time in gratitude for life, nature and the Infinite Being –BRAMMAM—from which you materialized. Let a sense of gratitude for everything in your life fill your heart. Then intend world peace and enlightenment. Send this intention out into the world as love energy through the heart CHAKRA just in front of your breastbone. This alone would be enough to make a big difference in the world today. However, by adding a third component to the technique, it becomes enormously powerful and effective.

Powerful acts of creation all have three essential components—intent, feeling, and motion. Those are the only three tools which Brammam used to create the universe and everything within it. That’s how powerful those three components are, when used together in equal balance. So far you have set the first component: Your intention-world peace and enlightenment You have also set the second component: A love-inspired environment, gratitude for the universe and everything in your life. Now, it’s time for the third component: Action. It is time to move that energy, in large quantities, into the global mind atmosphere surrounding the Earth.

This is how:
On every in-breath, imagine white light from the Cosmos entering your crown chakra, above the head, and traveling down your spine to the level of your heart, then traveling forward into your heart chakra, just infront of your breastbone.

At the same time, see white light from the Earth entering the base of your spine and traveling up the spine, then forward, to merge with cosmic energy in the heart chakra.
The energies of the Cosmos and Earth will fuse together and cause an energetic reaction at the frequency of the heart chakra. This fusion forms a ball of energetic white light in that heart chakra.

With every out-breath, send the power of this energetic reaction out to the world. Direct it as a beam of white light from your heart chakra, out into the world. Continue this in-breath, out-breath cycle for at least five minutes each morning and you will not only help heal the world, you will change your entire day for the better.

The universe reflects who you are. When you practice healing the world, by automatic reflection, you heal who you are. Any and all issues which have been challenging for you will move closer towards resolution as you help the world in this way.

There’s nothing like starting your day helping to heal the world in these critical days of transformation. It’s one of those things that brightens your day and makes you feel good to be alive!

To experience supreme happiness you must wake up from the material world

n this chapter let us think about “proud wave”. A wave is the notion of a form in the ocean. The ocean is nothing but water. At times we see small waves, at times big ones. At times, we see foam, as waves go crashing against the shore. At times, we see small bubbles bursting from the tip of a wave. We look at a wave and we know that it’s part of the ocean. We know that it’s essentially water. But let’s switch our perspective for a moment.

Imagine: You are a wave called Mr.Wave. Time moves very slowly for you. Life is long and adventurous, fraught with many dangers. Next to you live countless other waves with countless shapes and names. Your life began as you split away from Mother Wave one fine morning. As you came into being, you heard monstrous, crashing, exhilarating sounds. In a joyous mood, you rushed forward, separating ever farther from mother wave. Many other waves your size were coming into existence at the same time, some bigger, some smaller. For long spans of time, you rushed eagerly forward seeking new adventures, surrounded by the sound of masses of the waves behind you and in front of you. The farther you moved and the larger you swelled, the more proud you felt of your prowess. You compared yourself to other waves next to you and saw that your crest was especially magnificient in its structure and that the sun’s rays reflected from your back with extra splendor. You saw other waves looking jealously at you. You felt sorry for them, but very happy about your own generous endowments.

The new cycles of time began. The exhilarating swelling of your waters started to slow down. You felt yourself flattening out, your speed decreasing. Waves around you warned you that the end was near. You panicked “My life is too short! Any moment now my identity will be lost. My existence will end. Oh, woe is me”

“My life, my identity, my existence” cries Mr.Waves. Its pain comes from its ignorance. It does not realize that its form and its name are but temporary manifestations of its real nature, the ocean. If it realized that it was, indeed, the mighty ocean itself, all regret and fear would dissipate in a second.Each one of us is our own little wave, proud of its shape, attached to its name and its assumed conditionings – position in life, address, circle of friends, bank account. Once we realize that our essential being is Conscoiusness, which we share with all other beings, our world view is recast completely. We realize that there is no otherness in others. We realize that birth and death are just temporary manifestations within our larger, never-changing nature. Death becomes impotent. We began to feel a profound intimacy with all of life – human, animal, plant. Each of us, if we’ve grown up in somewhat normal conditions, has an innate yearning for union with something other than ourselves. We search for a mate, we foster friendships, and we join communities and clubs in order to feel part of a larger whole. We hate isolation and loneliness, for somewhere deep inside us we feel that we belong to a greater whole.

Our life is a movement back to wholeness. Through good actions and misguided ones, we look for ways to create a greater harmony among the parts, so integral life can be experienced. During moments when our own ego is for a moment or two held in abeyance – while listening to a rousing speech, during a great patriotic parade, or while witnessing a rocket launch as we stand among thousands of others – we feel an unencumbered feeling of unity with the humanity around us. We sense, for a moment, that our name, form, and identification number fall away, and we become part of a greater consciousness. It’s an exhilarating feeling, a liberating one, for attachment to our conditionings is very constricting.

Although relief lies in nonattachment, we don’t know how to detach ourselves from the identifications we have created for ourselves, and we continue to cling to things big and small. When we do that, we’re no less silly than the wave who became attached to the gleaming surface of its exterior.

A Spiritual master can help to guide your consiousness

In today’s ever-increasingly troubled world more and more people are interested to discover how can they become spiritually enlightened, how they can transcend the traumas and stresses of everyday existence and attain Samadhi, ecstatic complete absorption in transcendental consciousness. Unfortunately they are all too often taken advantage of by unscrupulous persons who, although not spiritually enlightened, dishonestly and foolishly pose themselves as being so for the sake of name, fame, and profit.

In order to provide sincere seekers of spiritual perfection with the necessary information and techniques for reaching their goal there is a now great need for an authoritative presentation of the self-Realization system. Fortunately, even though the genuine self-realization science has been very difficult to find due to such a profusion of pseudo-gurus, it has not become lost. It still exists because it has been carefully preserved throughout the ages by a disciplic succession of spiritual masters, an unbroken tradition of gurus dating back into previous ages many thousands of years ago. Some seekers of spiritual enlightenment think that they can invent their own process from their own fertile imaginations. But this is something that we cannot do. Because our consciousness is presently conditioned we need the help of a person who is liberated to free us from our conditioned consciousness. This is why it is absolutely essential to take shelter of a bona fide spiritual master.

The seed of spiritual enlightenment is already there in the heart. Just as a match already contains fire within it, we already possess spiritual enlightenment. The complete Whole Supreme person is the very foundation of our existence. To resonate perfectly with HIM is our original pure state of enlightened consciousness. In Sanskrit language this is called “dharma”, our intrinsic inseparable nature. Our dharma is to be in state of perfect harmony with that Original Person, the ultimate source of all energies. All we have to do to experience eternal full bliss and full knowledge is be who we really are. We simply have to come out of our dysfunctional misaligned, misadjusted unnatural state of consciousness and be normal again. The bona fide spiritual master is that person who can impart knowledge unto perfect peace and happiness.

The difficulty is that we have been so conditioned by a deeply illusioned society that we consider light to be darkness and darkness to be light. This makes us to difficult for us to become spiritually enlightened. Therefore a systematic training program is required to gradually re-orient our consciousness to perceive reality once again in its true non-distorted perspective.

The topmost educational system is given by Lord Sri Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita. It is known as the bhakti-yoga system. Knock the door of Canada Yoga-Vedanta Organization at any time to learn and transform Yourself!.

Mastering the mind leads to consiousness

The inspirational force behind every word in this book is my Revered Guru Swamy Chinmayananda, who was a dynamic, inventive, modern-day exponent of truths thousands of years old that were preserved first orally, then in written form, in a body of knowledge called Vedanta. Although the ancient Vedic ideas are authorless, each teacher who passes them on adds his or her own flavor and texture as He or She wields a particular instrument of transmission the spoken word, a book or poem. Thus, I pass these same ideas along; they necessarily hold some of the flavor of how I first heard them.

Cinema and Gold:
We can think of life as a movie! When we consider what makes up a movie, we generally think of the Actors who portray the parts and the reel of film on which the cameraman captures the drama. But another component is just as important—-the screen upon which the movie plays out. Without a screen as the background, the movie has no reality.

Similarly, the myriad activities of life have no reality without the essential backdrop, “Consciousness”. Just as the movie plays out on the screen, our thoughts and their manifestations, our actions—-play out on the screen of Consciousness. The images on the screen are diverse and changing, but the screen remains the same, unchanged. Whole cities burn, as in ‘Gone with the Wind’; countless people spill their blood, as in ‘Rambo’ and ‘Godfather’, but the screen does not suffer even a slight tinge nor does it get polluted with a single drop of blood. It remains pure, untouched. In the same way, Consciousness remains ever the same, untouched by the dramas played out by our minds and bodies.

Let’s look at Consciousness from another angle.

Open up your family’s jewelry box and pick out all of the gold ornaments in it. Lay out the gold necklace fashioned from tiny gold links, the wide bracelet engraved with filigree designs, the dangling earrings, the small round ear studs, the square cuff links, and the smart tie pin. Every one of those pieces of jewelry is made up of gold. Gold is in every part of every ornament. You can’t say that it accumulates in the clasp of the gold necklace or the centre of the cuff link. It is part of every atom of each ornament. You have a magic magnet; imagine removing the gold from every ornament. As you pull the gold out of each ornament, where does the ornament go? Can the ornament exist without the gold?
You can repeat this contemplative exercise with another example, that of cotton and cloth.

Imagine time stretched out on a horizontal line. At the centre of the line is the present, to the left of that point is the past, and to the right, the future.

You decide that you want to do away with the past and the future and discover the present moment as the centre point flanked by the past and the future. You resolve to slice time down to its smallest component. You begin with one hour to the left of the centre and one hour to the right. First, you slice the hour into a half hour. Then you slice it into a quarter-of-an hour, then into a one-minute segment. Next you slice it into a second, then a micro second, then a nanosecond.

No matter how small you slice your time segment, you can slice it still further, even though no one may yet have invented the words to describe those infinitesimally small fragments of time. Within time, the slicing must continue – because you will never reach the present. When you stop slicing, you are beyond time. You discover that time is but a thought-construct superimposed upon an ever-existing present. That vibrating present is called CONSCIOUSNESS. It exists beyond time.

We have seen several ways in which we can try to characterize Consciousness. I say “try”, because words can never fully characterize Consciousness, since it is the very ground upon which our words play out and the power that fuels them. Trying to describe Consciousness in words, or to see it with our minds, is like trying to see the light of the flashlight after we’ve removed its batteries. But let’s give it a try, because we have only our minds to work with as our tools, limited though they are.

The examples above have shown us that Consciousness can be characterized as follows:
1. .Consciousness is changeless; it is not affected by any change playing upon it.
2. Consciousness is all pervading.
3. Consciousness cannot be bound.
4. Consciousness is timeless.

To reach the purity, peace, and wholeness of Consciousness, we need to roll back the film of our mind. We have to suspend the movie. Every paragraph that follows and every exercise in the book comprise ways and means for learning to become masters over the film of our minds, to become the projectionists in charge. The projectionist can play the film at high speeds or slow. He or She can also stop the film entirely. Once we master the mind, we can at will unveil the peace and wholeness at its core-Consciousness

Consiousness is what truly defines who you are

Our purpose is to help everyone reawaken their original spiritual identity, which is eternal, full of knowledge and full of bliss. Such a global reawakening will, in one stroke, solve all the problems of the world society!

The worsening situation in the world, compels for yearning arising more and more within the heart of the world population that the happy days of good government and peaceful society as was found in the Vedic Culture can be restored to planet earth.

This is our mission. We cannot stand to see mismanagement of world, being imposed on the poor citizens. Something must be done to restore sanity. Something must be done to relieve the burden of the earth. When people more and more spiritually inclined, there will be a great hope that something can be done to rectify the increasingly problematic situation.

People should not be puzzled with religions and spirituality. Spirituality is above religions. Religion came into being to safeguard the spirituality, but it emptied the spirituality and embraced the rituals, superstitions and exploitations as its core!

A large class of enlightened teachers, can easily revolutionize the entire world by teaching every one how to execute their social duties in such a way as to achieve spiritual perfection and at the same time make the world a peaceful and happy place for everyone’s living even the animals. Those who have faith and devotion to Divine Consciousness can understand that the things happen so wonderfully by the grace of Almighty.

Hope it will fulfill our desire to see the entire planet earth has become Divine Consciousness!

Try the following exercise:
1.Think: I am my body. That’s what everyone sees, recognizes, and knows as me.
a.Think again: If I were my body, I would not be able to see it, to objectify it. Since I am able to see my body, talk about it, and describe it, that “I” doing the seeing and describing must be separate from the body. So I cannot be the body.

2.Think I am my sense organs. They are my contact with the world, so they best define who I am.
a.Think again If I were my sense organs, I would not be able to be aware of my eyes and their function, but I am. I know when my vision is sharp or when I can’t see well I know when my hearing fails me. I know when my nose doesn’t do a good job of smelling because of a head cold. Therefore, I can’t be my sense organs.

3.Think: I am the intellect. The real me is what I think. My convictions, my beliefs define who I really am.
a.Think again If I were my intellect, I would not be able to recognize that I’ve come up with a new idea or that my mind was very dull yesterday. Since I am seeing my intellect at work, I must be other than the intellect.

4.Think: I am the emotional mind. After all, even though my intellectual ideas may be learned, what I feel and how I feel expresses the deeper, more essential part of me.
a.Think again If I were my emotions, I would not be able to say, “I’m very angry at Raj” or, “I am very sad today”. Since there is something in me that sees my emotions, something that can objectify them, my emotions are separate from me. I cannot be my emotions.

5.Think: I am that quiet nonthinking, nonemoting person in deep sleep. The real I remain in deep sleep even when the body, the intellect, and the emotional mind are in abeyance.
a.Think again: When I wake up from sound deep sleep, I know that I have slept well and I say,” My, I sure had a sound sleep last night”. Something in me knew that I slept soundly and well. So the real I cannot be that deep-sleeping person.

Having eliminated all the above layers only one thing remains: “Consciousness”. No matter what layer you may be identifying with at the moment—your body, your emotions, your intellect—your awareness of those layers always remains. It is always present. It is never-changing. Only the layers and their myriad permutations change. Your awareness of them is ever the same. That primordial ground upon which all of life plays out, in all its varieties of physical and psychic manifestation, is Consciousness.

That Consciousness is the real you! And that Consciousness is the same for all of us. Strip away name, form, emotions, intellect, Social security number, relationships, pedigree, and position—and each one of us is essentially the same you and I, as well as everyone else on this planet, are ONE!

That pure, undifferentiated Consciousness caught in a web of thoughts is the individual human being—YOU!

Understand confluence of forces

Most of the readers are earnestly anxious to know and understand spirituality amidst commercialized worship centres. As Swamy Chinmayananda said, “they need to be informed about their spirituality”, we are dedicated to the re-education of spiritual seekers in Canada.

In the ancient days of Vedic India, in the time when people worshipped the sun and the elements, a sacrificial ritual called a yajna was one of the most popular forms of rituals. During this ritual, the members of the community gathered together to invoke peace and welfare for all. The yajna is still performed today in many parts of India.

The ritual is centered around a fire trough. While chanting Vedic verses, the members of the community offer into the fire handfuls of a mixture of grains and other objects symbolizing the community’s wealth. All those gathered for the ritual make their offerings in a spirit of dedication, by offering their individual efforts toward a common goal.

The idea behind the ritual is simple. If many people offer their labours toward a common goal, good results abound. Every successful enterprise is a yajna ritual of sorts. Today, despite the emphasis on aggressive leadership and the competitive spirit, companies falter unless they learn how to engender in their workers a generous dash of team spirit and an attitude of teamwork. Business enterprises spend thousands of dollars to send their managers and their teams to week-long seminars to help them develop a spirit of cooperation with one another. Sitting in a cozy conference room many miles from their desks or perched cross-legged on a lawn at a country lodge, managers of low and high rank play games with one another in order to establish a bond of cooperative thinking among themselves. All this is in an attempt to be able to work together toward a common goal once they’re back in their offices. The team building seminars is our modern day counterpart of the ancient Vedic ritual. The villagers of Vedic times knew, and the managers of our present-day corporations know, that one person can accomplish little by himself or herself. One person can inspire a company or a nation. One individual can ignite many hearts and minds to new endeavours but, alone one person cannot produce much at all.

One morning, as I sat on the doorstep facing the balcony, a small movement on the balcony wall registered in the corner of my eye. I turned my head to look more closely. A row of ants was traversing the wall of the room. Amidst several rows of single scurrying beings, I saw a large triangular piece of leaf moving down the vertical plane. I leaned over to get a closer look. In front, at the apex of the triangle, one ant seemed to be in charge of determining the course of the journey down the length of the wall. At the back, on base of the triangle, three more ants pushed the huge piece along, a piece more than ten times their own size. With the perfect harmony of a well-adjusted team, they moved swiftly down the length of the wall. Toward the bottom, they ran into a projection, almost successfully manoeuvred over it, but then fell, with all four positions still intact, about one foot to the ground. Once on the ground, they continued in their formation to their home, a hole in the ground, into which they dragged their gigantic treasure. I thought to myself, “If we could only see such precise, efficient cooperation in our modern corporations or community meeting rooms!”

Return for a moment to the two exercises with a pencil in “Looking with X-ray Eyes” chapter. We concluded two things from those exercises:
1. Reality is not what it seems.
2. Every object we look at is the result of a confluence of countless forces.
The creation of every object and every enterprise is the result of countless forces working in harmony.

Write down one achievement which you are very proud of.
Now write a numbered list of all the people, known or unknown, who helped you accomplish your task.
Reread your list and think about it.

Mentally send a thank you to each person who helped you in your endeavour. In some cases a negative action by a person may have spurred you on to increased activity on your task. Include that person in your thank you list also.

When we do an exercise like the one above, we discover very quickly that our role in any endeavour is relatively small, and, no matter what its size, our role cannot be played without the supporting roles of others. No matter how small or big our act we do nothing in a vacuum. We can accomplish what we accomplish because of the help of thousands of forces, people, and events. We benefit from the past thought of great thinkers. We benefit from the lessons our parents and teachers. We benefit from the advice of our mentors and the slaps of our enemies.

Finish each day by thanking the many contributors to your success and well-being. As you ponder each day’s ups and downs, gratitude, a deep peace and contentment will grow, as well as a keen appreciation of the interdependence of everything on this globe.