1000 Quotes on Spiritual Transformation

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1000 Quotes on Spiritual Transformation

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1000 Quotes on Spiritual Transformation Hari Om. This 1000 quotes is a compilation of hints for the weekly discourses based on Self-Realization. Used vedic understandings to guide the unfolding of our potential for the radical self evolution. Apply these same understandings to our social transformation is potential. Find the core of “evolution purpose” as it moves throw us. Navigate the transition to explore vision of a universal hu- manity unfolding. What is study for you? You need the information of any movement or conditions of thought and mind you find in yourself and you are interesting to explore and understand. But you have to go beyond the meanings of words, because if you stay in the intellectual level that is only a movement of simple and limited thinking. You are an eternal being. And the life you are living at the mo- ment is a participation. Reader will understand how these quotes transform spiritually from mundane thinking. With Love and Blessings, Swami Paramatmananda. Toronto, Canada. March 3rd, 2011

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