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Conscious of the Consciousness

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Conscious of the Consciousness Hari Om! Hi Readers! This is the tenth book of our “ILLUMINED TRUTH” Series. We understood from the scriptures, Life-experiences and pro- found thinking that root cause of our endless cycles of life is IGNORANCE. All the awakened Sages know that ignorance is the first cause. Any ordinary person simply doesn’t realize that his whole life is led by ignorance. Ignorance is the origin of life and death, and of the universe. In physics, the studies of Big Bang, The Ether, The quark, The quantum and Nano technology are all efforts devoted to the pursuit for the first cause, up till now, science has not found it. Question of life is one that’s common to all religions of the world. Once you understand that ignorance is the cause, all those elaborate arguments won’t need at all. Logic is used to explain the cause and effect (karma) for you, because your ‘e not awakened. Being comes from grasping. Grasping ex- ists in the minds of all creatures. It is self-engendered- spontaneous. Why do people have thought of grasping? It is because the “I” wants everything to be mine and therefore the grasping. Becoming, being and grasping are caused by actions or thoughts. Action is movement. It comes from ignorance. Ac- tions are accompanied by liabilities and provocative at times. Action produce four results: 1.good, 2.Bad, 3.sorrow, 4.mis- ery (discomfort) Out of these four, only one is good. Now expand your understanding or view point of life. All of this, all things is contained within the Consciousness of Brahmam (Absolute). Beyond the limits of the universe, beyond the en- velope of space, lies only that which created it. The universe is contained within the creative awareness and loving energy of Brahmam. While reading this book, you are about to discover the reason why life exist and a need to put a stop to this cycle in this life. It is possible if you’re Be conscious of the Consciousness! With Love, Peace and Blessings, Swami Paramatmananda Toronto. March 03, 2010

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