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Dynamic Awareness Look For Outcomes That Will Expand You In this “DYNAMIC ALIVENESS.” dividual soul while incarnate, the first answer would be a desire of well being and abundance. A feeling of abundance, however, is often elusive to most. Searching for this balance outside of the self can be frustrating. “If I only had more money.’ “If I only had a partner.” “If I only get this opportunity.” The “If factor” (The list goes on and on…) possible can eliminate the ultimate goal or balance within, a the condition of “if” puts the power of creation 01 side the self. Feeling the need of an additive can crate havoc in the internal awareness of one’s energy Perhaps a more streamlined internal examination can create the atmosphere of choice in a more powerful way. Choose to create choices from a soulful perspective without any conditions. Look for outcomes that will expand your experience internally. Yes, your own energy can manifest quite well without all the “if’s”. Each day strengthens your thoughts to become the true creator of your reality. We realize that many will jump to the conclusion that outside influence is unavoidable. Of course, if that is what you believe, so it shall be. Why not attempt to stay focused internally to see what happens? Decide to truly create from the can- vas of your own energy. The probability of transforming outside “ifs” into internal sound creations does exist. Simply decide to alter your perspective to do so. You are much more powerful than you currently Know. Design choices calmly from within. As aspects of a higher perspective, you have the ability to design the journey. to your evolution within. See what happens” These articles will facilitate to your search. This is my 22nd edition of internal search. Think With Love & Blessings!! Swami Paramatmananda Cyvo, Toronto March 3, 2015.

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