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INNER BEING Foreword BEFORE THE BEGINNING….. Hari Om Readers, This is my 21st book in the series of “Illumined Truths” from Canada Yoga-Vedanta organization(CYVO). You are never alone! If you are meta-physically and spiritually open, inner journey can be very interesting, encouraging, and uplifting resource to add your wisdom about and planning for liberation. I would like to take a minute to acknowledge those who made this journey possible for me. Earnest seekers may find it useful to pause after reading each page, reflect on the theme, live with it become still. And last, but certainly not the least, you the reader, for accepting my books with open arms, I hope I don’t disappoint you with this book. Everything that you may like in this book is the blessings of Lord. Let the book do its work to awaken the seeker from his/her conditioned thinking. There are many levels of living–All the levels are accessible but communication between them not always available. Souls sometimes get separated without assistance, messages, of encouragement, solace and love cannot jump barrier–You are about to be enlightened! Focus your mind away from the clutter of day to day living, and turn your attention inwards to the peaceful core of your inner being. Then think of the deepest possible state of consciousness. And what could that state be? It is the state of consciousness known as Infinite-Being or Paramatma! Infinite-Being is infinite consciousness without a focus upon any specific activity. Only wish to share the marvel of all existence!! Thank You With Love, Light & Blessings! Swamy Paramatmananda Toronto July 2014

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