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Step to Change

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Step to Change

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STEP TO CHANGE Before stepping in.. This book focuses on understanding various perspectives of life and the Ultimate cause. The pages that follow are compilation of the Editorials of “Brilliance”, monthly magazine of Canada Yoga Vedanta Organization. “Life is a tragedy to those who feel; life is a comedy to those who think” sings the poet and it is true. In order to understand Nature and her behaviour, material scientists for centuries have been observing and studying the objective phenomena of the world. The ancient sages pursued a different system of study. They turned their attention to the subjective Self and studied the world around them from their subjective standpoint. This subjective study constitutes the science of Reality (Brahmavidya), the theme and content of Vedanta. Whole purpose of teaching is to bring—one to the now, where time/thought has no domain. True self knowledge exists in silence but ears and eyes wants words. To know and not to act on what you know is ignorance. From ignorance to innocence is the effortless attempt of the wise. Enlightenment is not indicating the indicated which is other than the indicator. The word love is not love, but still the word love indicates love. Every insight presented in this book teaches how valuable our life is. If one digests and uses the rich wisdom, one will attain peace in life. My deepest gratitude, which cannot be expressed in words, goes out to all my Gurus!. Om Tat Sat! Swamy Paramatmananda. On Guru Poornima Day 2008 Toronto.

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