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THE WAY OF LIFE FROM THE AUTHOR Life is not something to be complained about, One should be oneself with all its purity, without fear, The first step to joy and being light is to drop the burden of the ego. Every one is seeking, searching and wanting. But rare is the person who has stopped seeking but starts seeing. This is what I’m attempting to convey. The ancient Vedic ideas are authorless, each teacher who passes them on adds his/her own flavours and texture as he/she wields a particular instrument of transmission: the spoken word, a poem, or a book. Thus, as I pass these same ideas along, they necessarily will hold some of the flavour of how I first heard them. Knowledge, wherever it exists, is common property. It belongs to the whole human race and no one has any special or exclusive claim to it. It is an Undeniable fact that religion today is either inadequately understood or misunderstood even by its own adherents. No religion seems to be an exception. In this period of hectic activities in the rat-race of life and its problem galore, man has no time to look back on the glorious culture and vast learning which his ancestors had so laboriously acquired and bequeathed to posterity. In the few pages that follow, the reader will find material to revive and refresh man’s lost memory of those eternal basic values, traditions, culture and wisdom which uphold life and the Universe. My heartfelt thanks to all enlightened Masters and modern thinkers for their inspirational guidance. Let your growth bring the best seasons of your life. This is my humble prayer for you! The Way of Life will surely take you to your destination!! With Love & Blessings, Swami Paramatmananda

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